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Thomson has a longtime experience with the Automotive Industry. It started in 1979, with Volvo followed by involvement in project with all major German brands starting in 1982.

As co-founder and co-owner of the brand DCAC (Development Center Automotive Competence), cooperation with several Chinese and Indian manufacturer has been developed.


DCAC is the bridge between the European and Chinese and Indian Automotive Industry. we facilitate several successfull industrial cooperations.


With DCAC we also provide a large number of technological development services targeting the automotive segment




As co-founder of SEC (Sino-Swedisch  Engineering Center), a new platform has been created in Shanghai, China for European Automotive  companies entering the Chinese market.

SEC is a One-Stop Shop providing all kinds of services from A to Z when entering the Chinese market.

It can be services like company and office setup, development of plans and strategies, customer contacts and legal services among others





Thomson has a strong commitment to the automotive industry and its supplier. We will continue to deliver advice to major small and large players in terms of internationalization, strategy, cooperations and establishment issues. Europe, China and India are our Automotive hubs.



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