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Thomson Group


Thomson Group is a privately owned independent business, operating with superior quality and maximum discretion.


Thomson has presence throughout Europe and Asia and offers a full range of products and services like Management Consultancy, Business Facilitator, and Internationalization.


Massive investments in a knowledge network will ensure that we will remain the case in the future. With Thomson the clients has become increasingly aware of the trends and how to develop and profit from business opportunities.


Thomson offers advice, hands on services as well as outsourcing solutions via our management  communications infrastructures.


Thomson fosters close ties with its target groups - shareholders, employees, suppliers, the public and, above all, its customers. Thomson offers them


    -  Fulfill our Customers need

    -  Simple, one-stop solutions

    -  Unbeatable quality and service


With initiatives such as our intercultural and business training, Thomson is helping to shape the business society in their internationalization process. And with our financial, outsourcing and legal partners, we underline our commitment to outstanding advisory service and quality.

Thomson Group look in to, care about and predict the future.


Thomson Group


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