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Corporate Finance


Thomson advise and handle corporate finance transactions in different area. This is done in cooperation with established and well reputed partners.

Areas of specialization are:

Raising of capital

Raising seed, start-up, development or expansion capital



Mergers, demergers, acquisitions or the sale of private companies. Mergers, demergers and takeovers of public companies, including public-to-private deals.


Management buy-out, buy-in or similar of companies, divisions or subsidiaries typically backed by private equity.


Equity issues

Equity issues by companies, including the flotation of companies on a recognised stock exchange in order to raise capital for development and/or to restructure ownership


Raising capital via the issue of other forms of equity, debt and related securities for the refinancing and restructuring of businesses


Secondary equity issues, whether by means of private placing or further issues on a stock market, especially where linked to one of the transactions listed above.



Financing joint ventures, project finance, infrastructure finance, public-private partnerships and privatizations


Debt issues

Raising debt and restructuring debt, especially when linked to the types of transactions listed above


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