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International Cultural and Business advisory







Thomson created  this service originally for the convenience of primarily European service and product companies with their internationalization efforts and to support and enable collaboration and export of products and services. Primarily European countries and asian countries like India, Mongolia and China has become the focus of our efforts.

Thomson is as said a fully independent privately owned business with an extensive network of contacts who work with maximum discretion and that can operate freely in the market. Thomson supports partnerships and processes from start to finish.

During the buildup of our service, we identified needs for expertise and analysis especially regarding cooperation and the establishment of business in and with Germany, UK, Scandinavia, China and India. Therefore, we have now built up a unique knowledge of the industry and a unique expertise for all stages of work. Example, we have unique expertise related to us in areas we have with our partners to perform and carry out extensive work:

Industry Expertise

  • Business and marketing strategies / plans
  • Production
  • Brand, Product selection
  • Sales and service network




Country-specific knowledge, With a focus on

  • policy
  • political decision-making structure
  • trade
  • business culture
  • culture
  • language
  • funding


Intercultural Communication


How to work with country specific businesses


International legal work

  • Traditional M & A activities
  • To obtain official documents
  • Develop and review contract
  • Due diligence - review - on location


Other research work and business intelligence

  • What is the company's real business about
  • What is the proper business structure about
  • What is the real owner and the management structure of the company
  • How does financing


Expertise on the Joint venture and other strategic alliances


Market and industry contacts (official and unofficial) within different sectors like


IPR Issues


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